How do I want to blog?

Some initial thoughts about how I want to use this blogging platform.

created: 6 May 2019; status: first thoughts on paper; reviewers: none

I’m coming back to blogging after a long time off, and trying to think about how I want to use this platform to effectively process and communicate information.

My past blogs — a long-defunct (and hopefully wiped from memory) LiveJournal, and a purely technical Blogger with a few bash and linux tips — didn’t particularly meet my goals at the time. As I write here and evolve this platform, I’d like to put more conscious thought into what this blog could do, what it shouldn’t, and how it could be extended.

Some Influences

There are some excellent blogging micro-features that I’ve seen on other sites, and which I would like to implement here in some fashion. uses Markdown and a static site generator, and implements several very interesting meta features such as confidence and importance tags.

Some open questions

  • Can I make do with WordPress or another existing blogging platform?
    • I started with WP as a way to get ideas online quickly without too much yak shaving. For now, it’s enough to publish my ideas in text form.
    • I think that I’ll find it difficult to implement specific features in WordPress. But, if there are features that I’d like to implement, perhaps they would make interesting plugins?
    • I’m trying to work more with Django, and I think it would be interesting to build my desired blog platform using it.
  • How should I manage archiving drafts? I think that I’d like to keep “named drafts”, analogous to software releases. I hope to write on topics that are of long-term interest, and where some branching may occur over time. At the same time, I would like to be rigorous and transparent and not to remove old content except under the most extreme of circumstances.
  • Are there other obvious technologies that I’m forgetting or don’t know about to evaluate in this context? Could I use e.g. ?

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